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October 26, 2021

The Social Aspect
of Sustainability and ESG

Annual open conference of MTS

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In the context of new challenges, the role of ESG in corporate citizenship is continuing to increase in importance. Companies are more deeply integrating the principles of sustainability and social responsibility in the foundation of their business strategies, and other stakeholders — including investors, officials, employees, customers, and activists — have increasingly high expectations about how companies should behave in these areas.

Responsible investing encourages businesses to look beyond basic profitability to take into account the wellbeing of employees and the environment, as well as work against corruption and racial, gender, and age discrimination. Moreover, the investment case of public companies is becoming intertwined with their success in integrating a sustainability focus throughout their operations.

So what is ESG — a universalist goal or another lever to drive profitability? A strategy for addressing social challenges or a way to mitigate financial and reputational risks? To succeed in the ESG era, businesses must adopt new approaches, including in product design, stakeholder communications, corporate governance, social and environmental policy, and embracing a culture of diversity and inclusion.

MTS’s conference The Social Aspect of Sustainability and ESG will feature a panel discussion on technology’s role in unlocking opportunities to enhance corporate volunteer work, mentoring and support for socially vulnerable groups, as well as accelerating progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These and other topics are planned to be discussed at the conference.

Conference audience

Senior leaders from Russian and global companies, ESG/CSR/Sustainable directors, MTS partners and customers, employees across PR/GR/HR/IR, as well as board directors and outside experts from the MTS ESG Committee and representatives of public organizations, banks, non-commercial organizations, and other thought leaders.

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The social aspect
of sustainability and ESG


Panel Discussion
Volunteering as an ESG tool


October 26


Strategic Session
The ESG agenda and its impact on corporate strategy

Topics for discussion:

  • The role of ESG in business strategy
  • Business sustainability and transparency: how to stand out on the global stage?
  • The impact of society’s expectations on corporate operations
  • Managing sustainable business development: risks and opportunities
  • Reporting best practices through the eyes of investors
  • Responsible investment and ESG factors
  • Effective corporate governance mechanisms
  • Security as a key area of corporate social responsibility

Vyacheslav Nikolaev, President of MTS
Anna Belova, Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Non-Executive Director, Chairperson of the Sustainable Development and Investor Relations Committee, JSFC Sistema
Regina von Flemming, Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Independent Director, Chairperson of the Remuneration, Appointments and ESG Committee under the Board of Directors, MTS
Inesa Galaktionova, First Vice President for Telecommunications Business, Member of the MTS Management Board
Olga Ziborova, Member of the Management Board - Vice President for Ecosystem Development and Marketing, MTS
Andrey Kamensky, Member of the Management Board – Vice President for Finance, MTS
Snezhana Stoiljkovic, Under Secretary for Global Relations, Humanitarian Diplomacy and Digitalization at IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies)
Pavel Voronin, Member of the Management Board – Vice President for Technologies, MTS
Polina Ugryumova, Director of Investor Relations, MTS
Roman Safronov, Corporate Governance Director, MTS


Session One
Diversity and inclusion within ESG strategy

Topics for discussion:

  • Gender equality: how to strike a balance?
  • Reputation and risks: the Role of compliance in respecting human rights
  • Employee/customer health and safety as part of ESG
  • Digital literacy and training
  • The role of business in regional development
  • Social impact cases: digital equality, affordability, and accessability
  • Tools for effective communication with target audiences

Leida Lukyanova, Vice President for Business Ethics and Compliance, MTS
Yulia Bystritskaya, Director for Organizational Development, Motivation and Remuneration Management, Acting Member of the Management Board – Vice President for Human Resources, MTS
Daria Vedernikova, Head of the Center for Products for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, MTS
Alena Vysokikh-Alyasiri, Director for Sustainable Development, Segezha Group
Daria Goncharova, Director for Sustainable Development, Polymetal
Maria Kharlashkina, Deputy Director for Strategy on the Moscow Exchange
Elena Kudryashova, Managing Director, Head of the Corporate Culture Development Directorate, Sberbank


Session Two
The employer’s role in D&I culture

Topics for discussion:

  • Interacting and encouraging an inclusive community by employing people with special needs
  • Employment challenges for people with disabilities
  • Approaches to independent and accompanied employment
  • Building an inclusive corporate culture
  • What businesses can do to support inclusive societies
  • Internship and employment programs for university graduates
  • Staff retraining programs
  • Best practices of companies making progress in inclusive employment

Tamara Shatova, Deputy Director for Human Resources, MGTS
Ksenia Babat, Founder of Babat Consulting, D&I consultant
Kristina Sergienko, HR Director – Telecommunications Business Unit, MTS
Elena Samoilova, Director of Organizational Development, PepsiCo Russia
Anastasia Lazibnaya, Founder of the Baba-Deda Foundation
Vyacheslav Lim, Director of the RTU MIREA Career Center
Oksana Fetisova, Director of the Personnel Recruitment and Development Department, MTS
Svetlana Gerasimova, Program Director of the project office «Strategies and Practices of Sustainable Development»
Vera Solomatina – HRD, SAP IT&GR

October 27


Panel Discussion
Volunteering as an ESG tool

Topics for discussion:

  • The role of corporate volunteering in business, HR, and ESG strategies
  • Employee involvement in ESG programs, as well as environmental and social projects
  • Volunteering — personnel policy and employee motivation
  • The role of corporate volunteering in supporting local communities
  • Volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The evolution of volunteerism and the emerging trend of digital volunteering
  • Corporate partnership as a key tool in advancing social causes
  • Employee training in volunteerism — why and what to teach?
  • Volunteer and mentoring programs — tools to support business
  • Intellectual volunteering: how to support business and HR tasks by embracing “pro bono” within corporate culture

Yulia Bystritskaya, Director for Organizational Development, Motivation and Remuneration Management, Acting Member of the Management Board – Vice President for Human Resources, MTS
Irina Zhukova, Chairperson of the National Council for Corporate Volunteering; Director of Sustainable Development and Corporate Programs, Philip Morris Sales and Marketing
Olga Yurkova, Head of the Communications Department in the Regions of the Russian Federation, MTS
Elena Seregina, Director of the MTS Corporate Social Responsibility Department Ekaterina Chulkova, CSR Manager, Servier
Anastasia Savelyeva, Head of External Social Programs and Non-Financial Reporting, Social Policy Department, Metalloinvest
Victoria Talpa, Manager of the Career Center «Lift to the Future», Sistema CF
Olga Zubkova, Director of the International Center for Social Innovation «Vector of Friendship» and President of the International Festival of Socially Oriented Films «LAMP»